Folkmog cars on show, Morgan Sports Cars of the Eastern Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk Folkmog animated Logo windmill morgan car and rocking sailboat

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Rob Davies FolkMog Secretary
Alan Braithwaite FolkMog Chairman
Alan Braithwaite FolkMog Treasurer
Centre Secretary Rob Davies CentreSec
Chairman Alan Braithwaite
Treasurer John Riley Treasurer
Rob and Ali Davies FolkMog Media and Web
Byron Bevan FolkMog Regalia
Ali Babs and John FolkMog Members Laison
Media Rob & Ali Davies
Regalia Byron Bevan Regalia
Members Liaison Babs Hodds Ali Davies
David Corbett FolkMog Master at Arms
Simon Weeks FolkMog Competition Officer
Master at Arms David Corbett
Competitions Simon Weeks